Four pwindows in full screen

    Feb 15 2017 | 5:36 pm
    I studied jitter for the first time a few months ago. It's part of my first jitter video. It created three pwindows and recorded them into a QuickTime player. (After recording, I found out that you can use jit.glue.)
    But the back black background of the screen recorded by QuickTime player looks attractive. Now, in the original work, I want to make the background black screen into pwindow and develop it into 3D.
    Question 1. Could you send a total of four pwindows with a given location in full screen?
    Question 2. If 1 is not possible, when I create three parallel screens using jit.glue, can I keep the size fixed as I want by full screen? , Then can I make the background color black?
    Thank you for any reply.

    • Mar 08 2017 | 2:08 am
      Quick tip. Jit.pwindow is purely for quick debugging purposes (CPU so pretty slow) Check how to get the same result but on the GPU with and set this up in one render context with 3 to 4 videoplanes, they can be moved around and you can change the background color with the erase color attribute