May 27 2006 | 2:01 pm
    Hello list.
    Yesterday i posted a question about how to play a movie from one given
    "frame" to an other one.
    Finaly, i found this framedump message which does what i need.
    The thing is, when you send the message "framedump [frame-start (int)]
    [frame-end (int)] 0"
    It works but it has a lot of latency !!!
    Do you know a way to reduce this latency time ???
    Thanks for your help and suggestions.
    Do widzenia.

    • May 27 2006 | 3:16 pm
      Well, framedump is going to put out every frame you ask it to as fast
      as it can. If you tell it to put out a lot of frames, it's obviously
      going to take some time. If you tell it to put out 10 frames, it will
      be quite fast. This is no magic bullet. It has to access all of the
      memory you tell it to and will be correspondingly slow. If you need
      something that happens more gradually so that it doesn't block the
      program, you can roll your own with the frame message.
    • May 27 2006 | 3:32 pm
      yes, silly question.
      That's what i did and i got what i wanted... just using a simple counter
      Silly me.
      Sorry about that.
    • Jun 10 2006 | 8:10 am
      Sorry, I seem to have missed this message.
      framedump has to count the frames up to the frame-start. If you have
      a long movie, and a frame-start which starts later into the movie,
      this can take a moment. Once it gets going, it should be nice and
      fast, though, depending on compression settings, etc..
    • Jun 23 2006 | 7:11 am
    • Jun 23 2006 | 2:33 pm
      Sorry, your patch + your email have me confused. Are you saying it
      works when you send "framedump frame_start number", but not when you
      just send "framedump frame_start"?
      Also, that 2nd number is not "frame_end". It's "number of frames to
      dump". By default, it's the total number of frames minus frame_start.
      Am 23.06.2006 um 09:12 schrieb
      > I simply want to play it back you know.
      > Here is the patch that i use to do this...
      > You just have to send a list of two values : frame_start(int)
      > frame_end(int)
    • Jun 23 2006 | 3:24 pm
      First of all, you need to calm down.
      Second of all, you need to collect your thoughts into a concise,
      logical form that allows me to understand what vague terms like
      "cannot do", "doesn't work" and similar mean.
      1. what is the message you are sending: I don't care about your
      counter or anything else. What is the message you are sending to
      2. what are you expecting to see?
      3. what are you seeing instead? is Max crashing? is Max hanging? is
      Max ignoring your message? is Max sending an error message to the Max
      4. (bonus questions) what values do you get reported when you send
      the "getframecount" message, the "getfps" message, and do you see the
      correct image when you send a "frame_true (my desired frame #)" message?
      Any additional info would be helpful. But please, keep it calm and
      keep it clear. Otherwise, your time disappears faster.
      Am 23.06.2006 um 17:17 schrieb czesc.list: