freeobject and proxies

    Feb 14 2006 | 4:43 am
    hi, i'm having the trouble of max crashing whenever i unload my external, i think it is an issue of me incorrectly attempting to free some proxies. am i unclear on the syntax or is there something i'm overlooking? any help would be appreciated. - dan
    (also i notice that there is now a development forum, is it inappropriate to ask these kinds of questions over the main list?)
    code examples ---- here i predeclare them:
    typedef struct _comb{ t_pxobject x_obj; void *t_proxy[4]; float *data; float *data2; long InletNum; long index; long index2; long allocsize; long size; float A; float B; float C; long Delay; long samperms; } t_comb;
    then i reference a free routine in main:
    void main (void) { setup((t_messlist**)&comb_class, (method)create_object, (method)destroy_object, (short)sizeof(t_comb), NULL, A_DEFLONG, A_NOTHING);
    i declare them as inlets:
    void *create_object(long maxsize) {
    t_comb *mo = (t_comb*)newobject(comb_class); mo->t_proxy[3] = proxy_new(mo, 4, &mo->InletNum); mo->t_proxy[2] = proxy_new(mo, 3, &mo->InletNum); mo->t_proxy[1] = proxy_new(mo, 2, &mo->InletNum); mo->t_proxy[0] = proxy_new(mo, 1, &mo->InletNum);
    and later attempt to free them:
    void destroy_object(t_comb *mo) { free(mo->data); free(mo->data2); freeobject(mo->t_proxy[4]); mo->data = mo->data2 = NULL; mo->allocsize = mo->size = mo->index = mo-> index2 = 0; dsp_free(&(mo->x_obj)); }

    • Feb 14 2006 | 9:43 am
      You are freeing a piece of memory you don't own.
      freeobject(mo->t_proxy[0]); freeobject(mo->t_proxy[1]); freeobject(mo->t_proxy[2]); freeobject(mo->t_proxy[3]);
      Am 14.02.2006 um 05:43 schrieb daniel e mcanulty:
      > freeobject(mo->t_proxy[4]);
    • Feb 14 2006 | 10:04 pm
      Ah, this is good to realize, unfortunately i have tried this and also tried it again just now, but the external continues to give me this same problem. What else could i be doing wrong?