Full-screen preview with DV ? Help!!

    Oct 01 2007 | 9:58 pm
    Sorry for the cross-posting with Jitter, but this is pretty urgent... !
    Hi all, I need to be able to preview the live output of a DV / Firewire camera in real-time, in fullscreen, for a couple segments of a theatre show. I made a patch which does this but it's far too choppy to be useful -- Powerbook G4 is what we have to work with :(
    iMovie previews much more cleanly and smoothly, but I've searched in vain on how to make the preview window go full-screen. Seems you can only see your clips fullscreen, not the live capture.
    Anyone know a trick for iMovie, or another little app that will do this, or a way to optimize the preview in Jitter (don't think this will work, it was still choppy even at lowered resolution).
    Don't need to record or capture, edit, anything. Just preview.
    Wish we had a better computer, I'd much rather use Jitter for its flexibility, but this is what we've got.
    Thanks -- replies ASAP pleeeeease!!!