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    Aug 22 2013 | 2:52 am
    Hello all,
    Still new to Jitter so need some help. I need to do a simple playback of a 2880x576 video using Max/Jitter. I will be using a Mac mini 2009 (dual display support but not external card available) and 2 projectors (HDMI). What's the best way to approach this so the video spans over the 2 projectors but the desktop is not seen? If I try to use full screen message , it moves the video over to the left side and shrinks it to fit the resolution. I need it to play full 2880x576 over the 2 screens, the desktop is not seen and the cursor disappears. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Aug 27 2013 | 12:40 pm
      1. inside sytempreferences/monitors 1.a. Set the Second output projector to the right side of the desktop 1.b. Make sure bothe outputs (the desktop and the other display) have the same resolutions (each 1440 x 576)
      2. Start up MaxMSP and have a closer look at jit.window. it is possible to send a rect 0 0 2880 576 to this object, which would set span the window over both screens.
      3. Add a jit.gl.render object (look at the help file)
      4. Add a jit.gl.videoplane object with attribute @transform_reset 2 and
      5. Add a jit.qt.movie and send the output to the videoplane.
      6. check out "messages to max" in the help section / advanced topics - there is a message that hides the mouse.