Fullscreen, subpatches, windows, monitors

    Oct 01 2008 | 8:32 pm
    Wondering what people have come up with in this area, as there are a lot of combinations with title bars, floating, grow/not grow, zoom, jit.windows, multiple monitors, etc. Not to mention OSX vs. XP differences. The window control is really amazing in Max, but having so many options can be confusing (I'm *not* complaining though!)
    Here's a pair of patches which can be used for testing of fullscreen and floating. If the main patch is in fullscreen, the subpatch will only be visible if it's in floating mode. (Note that editing floating windows is odd because they don't take all your keystrokes in, only some, though the mouse works.)
    Also interesting: from the small subpatch window, go fullscreen, then toggle floating on or off; now if you go non-fullscreen, it's still a big window, the original size seems to be forgotten. Maybe by calling floating on/off in fullscreen, it takes that as its new size, which seems a little quirky--it doesn't do that with other sizes, and if you only go fullscreen-then-nonfullscreen, your original size stays fine. (XP)
    If you get stuck with this huge window, you can resize it manually out of fullscreen mode. Obviously with some size commands to the window this wouldn't be a problem; this is just to experiment.