Fwd: Important changes to the Max List

    Jan 15 2006 | 7:14 am
    ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Lilli Wessling Hart Date: Jan 14, 2006 5:01 PM Subject: [maxmsp] Important changes to the Max List
    Hi Max List Folks,
    We are releasing our new and greatly improved website today. It will affect this Max List in a few ways, so please read on.
    - First and most important, we have a completely revamped discussion system. Instead of just a mailing list, we now have forums with integrated mailing lists. Instead of just one mailing list, we now have several integrated forum/mailing lists. This new system works similarly to Yahoo Groups -- you can participate via the forum or the list equally. This means a message posted to the list will be sent to the list and posted to the forum. Likewise, a message posted to the forum will be sent to the list and posted to the forum.
    - - If you have posted to the mailing list anytime within the last six years, you already have a forum account. If you are receiving this message, you are already subscribed to the new list. You don't need to do anything to continue receiving mail on the main maxmsp list.
    - - If you have never posted to the list with the email address where you received this email message, you don't have a forum account and will need to make one.
    - - If you have posted to the list in the past with a different email address, you'll have an account on the forums under that email address.
    - Forum account logins are the email address with which you last posted to the list. You don't need to know your password. Go to https://cycling74.com/forums/index.php?t=reset where you can enter in your email address and have the password reset and mailed to you.
    - All of the list archives since 2000 have been imported into the forum. All email addresses used during that time now have accounts. If you have posted to the list under different email addresses over the years, and would like to "merge" your accounts, please email wally@cycling74.com and he will help you with this. Unfortunately this is a task which must be performed manually, so we appreciate your patience while we update the accounts.
    - The list has a new posting address. To post to the maxmsp list, you will email "maxmsp@cycling74.com" -- not "max-msp" with a hyphen. Please update your address books, if necessary. We will continue to forward posts sent to max-msp@cycling74.com, but it would be good to get for you to get into the habit of posting to the proper place.
    - We are discontinuing the Digest version of the list. There are many alternatives, including RSS feeds, browsing the forum, and subscribing to forum/topic notifications. If you are currently receiving the digest, your subscription will be transferred to the main mailing list. We may consider reinstating the Digest.
    - FAQs. We know you probably have questions. Please help us out by reading over this section before asking: https://cycling74.com/twiki/bin/view/FAQs/Cycling74SiteFA Q
    Unanswered questions can either be posted to the new Max List (maxmsp@cycling74.com) or sent to Support (support@cycling74.com).
    Thanks, Lilli