hierarchy of node vs blending and fx

    Oct 09 2019 | 8:49 pm
    Sorry, it must sound a bit basic, but this problem of knowledge is getting me mad a bit. I dont find clear process about this simple thing : i just would like to have different nodes/layers of objects with their own chain of processing (bloom, blur etc). In this exemple, i have: one node receiving one object that has a bloom pass. another node receiving another object that has a bloom and a blur.
    how would you organize such a hierachy? i thought i understood that you have to set depth enable 0 for the jit.gl.videoplane, and erase color 0 0 0 1 in the nodes, but i cant get it working. All this blending aspect is quite not so obvious.
    All examples i found so far is only one pass or other effect straight to the render context. I would find quite interesting to have a clear example to organize such layers, as this might sound useful for scene design. Maybe it's somewhere, and i missed it! thx for the help! :)