Gate Problems

    Apr 25 2013 | 3:41 pm
    Hi all, I am creating a patch for some university work and I'm still relatively new to Max.
    I have set up midi data to play vst plugins and have set up counters ect. so it plays for 2 minutes (my given time limit).
    When I set up a gate, it will stop after it's 2 minutes are up, yet when I reset the gate it will only play one of the vst objects I have set up, and not the other two. I have to repeatedly click my '1' message routed into the first input in the gate object for it to truly reset and play the other vst objects. These other vst objects have a select object routed into them so they play after a designated time, yet as I have already said they will only reset if I continue to click the message which opens the gate.
    Sorry if I'm unclear with what I'm asking.