gen~ export - samplerate vs. delay calculation

    Jul 17 2013 | 10:26 am
    lets say, we have a simple delay unit like this:
    This exports to something like this: while ((__n--)) { const double in1 = (*(__in1++)); const double in2 = (*(__in2++)); double expr_3885 = ((in2 * 0.2) * 44100); double tap_3883 = m_delay_1.read_linear(expr_3885); double out1 = tap_3883; m_delay_1.write(in1); m_delay_1.step(); // assign results to output buffer; (*(__out1++)) = out1;
    }; The problem is the hard coded samplerate of "44100". If the resulting plugin runs in a host with a different samplerate all time values are wrong. Same applies for filter coeff calculations, e.g.: double expr_3899 = safediv(((in2 * 2) * 3.1415926535898), 44100); double sin_3894 = sin(expr_3899);
    I would propose to change the export mechanism in a way that the parameter "samplerate" multiplied with the time as factor is used in expressions like the above.

    • Jul 18 2013 | 9:34 am
      indeed, it would be cool if gen replaced [samplerate] by something like :
      # ifdef SAMPLERATE 
      #  samplerate = SAMPLERATE
      # else
      #  samplerate = 44100
      in the beginning of the output code, and with samplerate variable everywhere else.
      well i don't know if the syntax is correct, but the idea would be to get the current samplerate value if it is defined somewhere in the architecture, which i guess is pretty standard but doesn't exist always maybe ; else it just goes with the current samplerate set as a global variable, which would be easier to change according to your currnet architecture anyway.
      (Hmmm apparently it does export a "samplerate" variable somewhere in the code, but it's not used to replace user-written [samplerate]... strange)
    • Jul 22 2013 | 8:41 pm
      Thanks for the report. I've logged a request for future releases about this.