Gen for audio compression

    May 20 2014 | 2:54 am
    I am a big max fan and have been doing a project with audio and video transmission over an internal network and the internet.
    I have used Zack Poff's excellent patch for TCPIP tranmission of audio - great patches for a fast internal network but the communicator patch is an amazing bandwidth hog that is not well suited to internet voice transmission
    I have tried to use vst` AUNetSend and Receive objects (work well in localhost mode but no dice so far over a network)... at least some compression is an option here...still working on this one and it should work with a little latency is my understanding
    I have used the Jit.qt.broadcast (not bad but the audio lags the video signal and patch stability is a problem)
    Jit.grab and etc are great and work well for text and video but suck for audio- 200++kb/sec is a problem for peer-to-peer audio on the internet
    And I love the mcl.jit.spihtaritenc externals
    But alas no audio transmission without huge bandwidth.... haven't figured out the new sadam externals or some of the old OSC stuff yet in regards to an audio transmission.
    MY QUESTION IS.......
    Can gen be used to make an audio encoder and decoder?? - e.g. a crude version of an mp3 encoder/decoder. This link got me thinking about this project again: I would be really interested in working on transmitting compressed audio through a jitter matrix which would allow me to do some fun stuff and is less of a bandwidth monster than the one generated in say Zach Poff's TCP-IP communicator patch. I know I need UDP and some efficient code that runs really fast for real time audio processing. So... is gen useful here or should I pursue some sort of vst/external if I really want to have audio transmission over UDP etc.?