Oct 04 2016 | 8:05 am
    Hi MaxForum,
    I need some input on a patch I am making. The patch is posted below - it is a kind of basic sampler. An index shuffles around inside a soundfile and puts out grains / blocks of sound. The problem is the envelope - I took the envelope from a Gen help file and it works with a kind of data smoothing algorithm (with the history module). It seems to work ok but there are a few clicks...also when the speed of the metro driving the trigger is increased the envelope doesn't always reach zero (some kind of feedback pushes it upwards). The questions I have: 1) should I forget this kind of envelope. It is coolish but perhaps it won't function well in this context (suggestions for another type are welcome). 2) should I put this inside Poly~? This would solve some of the problems of overlapping etc. but I don't think that is what is at issue here....Any help much appreciated!

    • Oct 04 2016 | 10:31 am
      If you want to avoid clicks when the envelope is re-triggered before it ends, you could use a non re-triggerable envelope generator.
      I made this one a while back, it may be a little over complicated... but maybe you can see the idea. Most of my newer envelope generators use codebox. you can use the filtered trig output to trigger another envelope to generate the overlap.
      I think, if you use gen~ it's better to stay in the audio domain. so it uses a phasor~ in place of a metro.
    • Oct 04 2016 | 12:01 pm
      Hi Bertrand,
      ok thanks for that. Looks interesting. It is quite complicated - might take me a while to wade through this. It also doesn't have a sampler component so it is hard for me to gauge how it will perform in relation to shifting around in a file and outputting windowed components. It does perform well for the Cycle it is enveloping - that entire gen patch is just the envelope right? And it emerges to do its work :) - aha the smoothing function is good though.....That is the kind of thing I would like to implement in relation to the sampler......
    • Oct 04 2016 | 12:02 pm
      Hi again - I will just add a sampler on the end of that purely for testing purposes.....