General question about Ableton Live from Max perspective

    May 21 2010 | 12:40 pm
    Hi max list,
    I've just got started with Max for Live and am hugely impressed so far - the way the two programs integrate is incredible. However, since I have not until now been a Live user, I was wondering whether others who were in my position now do all their offline audio editing and sequencing inside of Live? I have previously used Cubase to do this, as the audio can be easily and precisely edited and I know what will and will not be destructive, but this is something I'm not sure about yet in Ableton so am asking here for a head start. I don't intend to use the program 'on the fly' and much of the default snap to grid warp/stretching edits seem designed for that purpose on first look. I just want to be able to do each edit independently. So any words of wisdom would be much appreciated. For instance, if you do still use external sample editors etc, can anyone recommend a setup for use with Live?