Generate round blurred masks

    Apr 09 2013 | 2:56 pm
    Hello all,
    I would like to generate round ellipses in jitter with a blurred edge, similar to this:
    The goal would be to have several of these in my image that I could control dynamically (Size and location) the goal is to simulate follow spots on stage. What would be the best approach for this ? I did a quick hack of this with vizzie and a png but I'd like a more solid patch. What would be best between jit.mgraphics or ?
    Thanks !

    • Apr 09 2013 | 6:08 pm abstraction is your friend. whether you use jit.mgraphics or is entirely your preference (maybe depending on if you want to use pixels, or gl-world units):
    • Apr 09 2013 | 7:11 pm
      Thanks ! This seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.
      If I wanted to have several of these circles in the same image and control the position and scale of those circle, I assume the best is to have several videoplanes and control the anchor and scale attributes of the videoplane object ?
    • Apr 09 2013 | 7:17 pm
      yeah, that would be my suggestion. also check out for this.
      you have to be careful with the gauss-blur, as it can be quite expensive if not managed properly. you may also want to lower the dims of your mgraphics matrix, and only output when changed, depending on your patch needs.
    • Apr 09 2013 | 7:33 pm
      Hmm the problem I see with this is that since the background of each white circle is black, if I have multiple videoplanes the background will obscure the other white spots..
    • Apr 09 2013 | 9:23 pm
      you must enable @blend_enable and set the @blend screen:
    • Apr 10 2013 | 12:55 am
      Thanks !