Generative patch clicking.....velocity problem?

    Jan 01 2013 | 2:17 pm
    Hi Im working on this patch to generate music/sounds from phone numbers.
    I've tried to use the 22 values from two phone numbers as the velocities but however i set it up with adsr~ i seem to get clicking at the beginning of the notes regardless of whether it overlaps with another note. I thought it might be simple patching mistake but when i traced it back i couldn't find any obvious problem but i noticed that velocities received don't seem to match the velocity that gets played.
    I'd appreciate if someone could have a look and see if they can find the problem because working with sound in max is not my strongpoint...i usually work with jitter.
    Ps. Ive labelled the patch so its should pretty self explanatory and the guts of the synth are in the 'p Synth' sub patch in the middle.
    thanks in advance :)

    • Jan 02 2013 | 9:37 am
      I tried to simplify things slightly by sticking a [metro] on to the bang before inlet 3 of [p synth].
      I found that clicks that occurred when the period of the [metro] was low seemed to disappear when the period was higher.
      I realise that you've thought about this but it does seem to me that the clicks are coming when one sound is truncated by the start of the next one.
      I guess it needs a [line~] somewhere so that the current sound does a quick fade to zero before the new one starts. That or a polyphonic solution.
      hope this helps