GenExpr Operator reference?

    Mar 26 2012 | 1:37 am
    Is there a code reference in the docs covering common and domain-specific gen operators? Something like:
    mul(a,b) /** * a = multiplier * b = signal */
    So for example, controlling amplitude in traditional 'object' form, an audio signal goes into the first inlet, and a value (0-1) goes in the second inlet. Then the 0-1 values control the volume of inlet one. With codebox -> mul, it seems to be the reverse.. The control value is the first argument and the signal needs to be the second argument.

    • Mar 26 2012 | 3:35 am
      Hi there,
      Multiplication is commutative, that means a * b equals b * a. It's as true to say that a is controlling the amplitude of b, as b is controlling the amplitude of a.
      Also, it shouldn't matter which way around the two inputs are for the result; if either input is a signal, the result will be a signal and the multiplication will happen at signal-rate (i.e. per sample).
      Hope that helps. If you're seeing something weird, please send a patcher and I'll take a look!
      PS. The operator reference can be found from the gen~, jit.gen etc. helpfiles, under the '?' tab.
    • Mar 27 2012 | 3:41 pm
      Hi Graham,
      Yes.. Did some tests with mul and arg order doesn't matter at all. Guess I'll chalk that up to getting used to codebox. And thanks for pointing me to the ? tab..
      I finally just got around to playing with gen, and in my haste I clearly missed that.