Get name of track

    Dec 01 2011 | 3:15 pm
    Hi, Could you help me answer this questions? 1. Is it possible to get the name of now playing track? 2. DJ selects next track (track in point 1 is playing) - can I get this next track name to show what is coming up? 3. As soon as the DJ initiates the mix (start moving fader) now playing track name is changed. In other words can I achieve: - connection so that I can see what track is loaded in channel 1 and 2 in DJ soft? - connection to the fader in software so that I can recognize when DJ starts moving fader? I’m new at this softs but I need to know if this kind of actions are possible to start the work with more complicated stuff.. a simple script and short step by step description of how to make it work will help me to start. Best regards squallu