Getting Data out of Abelton Rack Macros

    Mar 31 2013 | 11:37 pm
    Hi - I am having problems using an Novation SL Mk ii with auto map - i think because it is confused by the amount of midi mapping I have in my improvised Abelton Setup.
    I have definitely given up trying to get it to work (tried everything and then some) - and therefore I am looking to replicate its functions using max for live.
    Please can anyone give me some leads on the following (tutorial links // APi abstractions etc - I have started to feel more confident in my max programming)
    -> How to get data out of the Abelton Rack macros. Both values and names.
    -> How to process sysex data to send out by midi.
    Any leads gratefully accepted.
    Best Regards
    Richard @Soupsounds