getting live television into Jitter?

    Jan 26 2010 | 6:58 pm
    I would like to get a live, broadcast TV stream into Jitter for additional processing.
    Any experience out there with 1) tuners for laptops or 2) analog input converters? Ideally something that just works with jit.qt.grab or jit.dx.grab.
    Latency is not an issue.

    • Jan 27 2010 | 8:26 am
      +1 I'd be interested too...
    • Jan 29 2010 | 8:49 am
      no answers...?
    • Jan 29 2010 | 1:48 pm
      Hey, I know of a couple of desktop-based solutions that work with Max - unfortunately a lot of the Miglia/Elgato USB solutions don't offer their output to Max via QuickTime and so aren't of much use. As for converters, the Canopus ADVC110 I think is a standard Firewire-based analogue converter, and also some Mini-DV cams can be used as input converters (you'll have to find out which).
      The one direct television solution I know that definitely works is the Miglia AlchemyTV DVR PCI card ( - it has TV tuner, composite and S-Video inputs, though is not made any more so you'd have to hunt. It is compatible with PowerMac G4/G5 with PCI or PCI-X slots only, and up to Mac OS 10.4.11. The cool thing about these cards is you can run up to four simultaneously (I've had three going at once in a PM G5) with different inputs and indeed different TV channels.
      There are also a number of PCIe input cards for Mac Pro - I've had experience with Active Silicon's LFG4 four input card - this works fine, though would be overkill for a single input.
      All of these solutions work with jit.qt.grab (can't confirm jit.dx.grab).
    • Jan 29 2010 | 7:15 pm
      I have done this recently myself, I simply used a digital converter box and sent the signal through the av-mini cable of my dv camera. most dv cameras have an av to dv option in the menu. personally i have used a cannon GL2 , cannon HV30 and cannon XHA1 to do this. there is only about a half second delay in the video from av to dv. Especially fun for capturing tv mpeg compression glitches! :) if you have a camera that can do the job then jit.qt.grab will do the trick to getting this into max. you can also live capture footage from tv in final cut
    • Jan 30 2010 | 5:34 pm
      I connect an s-video cable from my source device (dvd or "cable" box) to my mini-DV camera and run a firewire cable from the camera to my computer. Works fine for me.