getting text from an open Ed window

    Jun 16 2006 | 2:43 pm
    Hey dev-folk --
    I'd like to be able to access text from an open Ed window without having
    to close the editor window. I tried this (the "goeditor" message would
    void rtcmix_goeditor(t_rtcmix *x)
    CharsHandle chand;
    TEHandle thand;
    t_ed *edit_window;
    edit_window = x->c_edit; // from ed_new()
    thand = (*edit_window).e_teh;
    chand = TEGetText(thand);
    post("here da text: %s", (char *)chand);
    but it crashes on the TEGetText() call. Looking at the t_ed struct, it
    seems as if e_teh should be a valid TEHandle.
    Also, how can I accomplish this on Windows (if in fact it is