Getting Unique Blob Numbers From Start...

    May 22 2009 | 2:31 pm
    Dear Jitterists! Can anybody advice me how to get unique number of blobs from session start using [cv.jit.sort] ? So I need also know unique numbers of current active(alive) blobs. It's a next step to build correct and full TUIO engine in Max 5, when I end it, I'll share result here Thanks for any tip!

    • May 25 2009 | 7:50 am
      It not so simple or I have so bad English? )))
      Now I have list with numbers of current blobs, and how much is the blobs we can't know. It may be 3 or 23 in the same time. Pereodically some blobs adds and some far away... How to add increasing number to new blobs having just list of current blobs...?
      Uff, hope anybody can help me with any tip! It is very important for all multitrackers who want still working in Max and use TUIO! Without unique number it works, but some times some clients not I'm want to satisfy all conditions of TUIO one time and will never return to this problem...