gl 3d rotation of parent child shapes

    Mar 19 2006 | 12:42 pm
    hope someone with trig or linear algebra knowledge can clarify this for me
    seems like for years Ive stumbled on deriving the xyz cordinates of a
    cylinder's tip so I can bind it seemlessly to other shapes as arms or
    tendrils. this patch shows my appraoch to the problem and can be aded to a
    gl.sketch environment, it uses jasch's rotatexyz to attempt to bind a sphere
    to a cylinders end, I just cant get it to bind when xy and z are actively
    rotating, I use a half black half white texture to make the cylinder half
    invisible for simplicity, the shape orient command is scaled and moded into
    pi phases
    it seems like the shape orient and the xyzrotate just arn't in the same
    coordinate system, and that there is some constant attenuation that needs to
    be made to get them to agree,
    siggraph site has these equations but I dont know how to translate math
    matri in my head anymore let alone into max, can someone drop me a patch or
    mod mine so I can jump this hurdle get back into the art of things
    Z-axis rotation is identical to the 2D case:
    x' = x*cos q - y*sin q
    y' = x*sin q + y*cos q
    z' = z
    ( cos q sin q 0 0)
    Rz (q) = (-sin q cos q 0 0)
    ( 0 0 1 0)
    ( 0 0 0 1)
    X-axis rotation looks like Z-axis rotation if replace:
    X axis with Y axis
    Y axis with Z axis
    Z axis with X axis
    So we do the same replacement in the equations:
    y' = y*cos q - z*sin q
    z' = y*sin q + z*cos q
    x' = x
    (1 0 0 0)
    Rx(q) = (0 cos q sin q 0)
    (0 -sin q cos q 0)
    (0 0 0 1)
    Y-axis rotation looks like Z-axis rotation if replace:
    X axis with Z axis
    Y axis with X axis
    Zaxis with Y axis
    So we do the same replacement in equations :
    z' = z*cos q - x*sin q
    x' = z*sin q + x*cos q
    y' = y
    (cos q 0 -sin q 0)
    Ry(q) = (0 1 0 0)
    (sin q 0 cos q 0)
    (0 0 0 1)
    max v2;

    • Mar 19 2006 | 11:46 pm
      Hi Derek,
      The easy way to handle this is use the transform matrix rather than
      calculating the 4x5 modelview matrix by hand. Please see the OpenGL
      Redbook (html/pdf of v1.1 available at, or the
      various online tutorials on OpenGL modelview matrix manipulation for
      more information. You can then avoid having to calculate the 4x4
      modelview matrix values explicitly. The important sketch commands you
      will want to familiarize yourself with are:
      Hope this points you in the right direction.