gl model to gl.slab (gpu rendering)

    Jul 01 2006 | 2:29 pm
    I tried to build a patch in which the will be the input to the In other words: capture the image of the 3D model and use slab for some shader effects on top of it. The thing is that I want to avoid with jit.matrix to grab the 3d image because of the software rendering (am I right?). The idea is to stay in gl (or to render on the gpu) for high performance.
    Any ideas?
    Here is an example of the patch with its workflow.

    • Jul 01 2006 | 4:31 pm
      Hi Ranja
      here is a patch that uses @capture to render to a large texture (using dest_dim on the model and @dim on the target texture), and automatic 0 (which is a good habit to get into when doing GL), as well as some slab processing on the texture. Id tune the dest_dim and dim to your video card (I get 60 fps without any slab processing and 30 if I use td.sinefold.jxs on the 1024x768 texture.
      hope this helps.
      v a d e //