GL3 package update 0.3.1

    May 31 2022 | 10:09 pm
    Hey everyone, we have a new GL3 package 0.3.1 that just went live in the Package Manager.
    The primary focus of this update is to bring texture input support to the experimental object. This functionality allows for much more efficient and flexible handling of PBR image maps, and allows the object to function as a drop in replacement for
    Additional fixes in this update:
    • PBR - fix some bugs with the name attribute
    • PBR - fix metal and roughness map behavior when parallax is enabled
    • PBR - fix MRT Normals output (capture target 2) for parity with
    • PBR - fix vertically flipped textures
    • - fix mipmap generation on captured output textures
    • hemisphere lighting - fix incorrect lighting when light first added to scene