GLSL Status and Capability (FBOs, UBOs)

    Oct 05 2014 | 5:47 pm
    I have been seeking answers to the following related questions, but cannot find them in the forum archive:
    (1) What is the GLSL support version? I ask because I'd like to explore use of the Uniform Buffer Object, which is supported in OpenGL 3.1/GLSL 1.4, and perhaps the Geometry Shader of GLSL 1.5. UBOs, FBOs would be potentially useful in captured delayed textures and gathering statistics on texture values (all within the GPU).
    (2) Are read/write buffers of the UBO and FBO sort surfaced in ? I've seen some references to FBO but only in terms of errors encountered. My question is more related to whether one can read/write to this secondary memory area. As long as this sort of buffer is supported in shader development (e.g. .jxs) then this would be useful even if not surfaced to the language in In reviewing the jit.pix and documentation, I couldn't see anything like that.