good news...attachment problem fixed

    Sep 27 2006 | 4:44 pm
    Hi Folks
    I'm glad to announce that attachment functionality with the forums now
    works in all situations.
    Previously, no attachments worked in the forums. Mailing list posts that
    had attachments would find them stripped when they appeared on the
    forum, and forum users were unable to attach posts via the file upload
    mechanism. We hadn't encountered this problem when we first imported the
    archives, but somewhere along the line, it surfaced. People who use the
    mailing list exclusively were not affected, except for posts originating
    on the forums. If you must gloat about this fact, please do so silently :-)
    At some point, I'll do a post-by-post comparison with the mailman
    archives, and will replace the missing attachments in the forum archives
    where I find them missing.
    Thank you all for your patience in this somewhat trivial, but highly
    annoying at times, matter.