Google Video ...... Again

    Jun 03 2006 | 1:54 am
    Yes there is a lot of junk on here... also on YouTube.
    I posted a message here a few months ago about calling streaming vid from google vid into Jitter. See:
    and addressed again in January here: 21&rid=0&S=a628b9f92d386f3b2381007c19f4d859&srch =google+video#msg_61821
    These posts were at the point when only offered 'flash' video. This has changed to where users can now "download" from a "download" button next to the vid in .mp4. The vid can also be streamed via link etc...
    My questions are as follows:
    1. Does anyone know of any resources where 3d party search engines are tapping into google vid for streaming .mp4 from google vid? How might jitter do this?
    2. If one was to stream .mp4 to jitter how would jitter handle it (i'm now just using photo jpeg from the HD in jitter) - quality, speed etc?
    3. Anyone else interested in such a thing? OR maybe have done it OR interested in doing it?
    Either with google vid or even youtube... sorry to keep putting this out there but i think that there can be some very interesting applications. I'm not a programmer, nor a great hacker for that matter so even though the idea keeps itching me im still limited in my knowledge...
    thanks mark

    • Aug 08 2006 | 9:52 pm
      hi mark
      interesting question. I just started to look into this problem myself. At the moment I cant give a definitve solution, but when I looked into the java external examples of Max I found a program that allows to download jpgs from a website and display it. jpgs are probably a bit easier to handle than mpgs, but with qtjava there might be a possibility.
      an easier solution could be to download the mpg file and save it in a location (again written in java) where jitter can load it again.
      what I am interested is to broadcast the thus created video stream again. since the object jit.qt.videoout allows to broadcast videos to cameras, I (regrettably rather ignorant in this subject right now) cant see a reason why this shouldt be possible to do directly to qt broadcaster or a streaming server (since they capture data from cameras).
      hope this helped