Got no words for it - Multiple Zoomable videos in one matrix

    Oct 06 2012 | 6:14 pm
    Don't know what Im looking for so i'll just post the patch so you understand me.
    If i'm going to try and explain it, it goes like this:
    Multiple jit.qt.videos in one matrix. All running at the same time in one jit.pwindow. In this patch they're placed in each corner. When you drag your mouse over one video it'll zoom that one and minimize the others. Im looking for other ways of doing this. This is a brainstorming patch so bare with me :)
    I bet there is an awesome object that'll fix everything.

    • Oct 07 2012 | 3:36 pm
      why don't you try 4
    • Oct 10 2012 | 3:38 pm
      I'll check that out.