Graham Wakefield [vr] object - Error 126 loading external

    Dec 06 2018 | 9:34 pm
    I'm having trouble getting the [vr] object to work consistently on Windows 10. I'm using Vive and Max7.
    Most of the time when I open the [vr] help patch the external is not found; I get 'Error 126 loading external vr' in the Max window. Every once in a while I can get it to work normally when I reboot the machine. I've noticed when it works (when the object is found), SteamVR runs automatically when I open the [vr] help patch. I've checked my Package location, tried setting new file paths, etc. with no luck. I've also not been able to get [htcvive] object to work from the Max Worldmaking Package.
    Can anyone provide any info on what might be wrong here/where to go with troubleshooting?
    When it works it's amazing and I'm really looking forward to diving into a few projects. Big thanks to Graham for sharing his research!