groove~, overdrive and Max 7

    Jan 21 2015 | 1:24 pm
    In Max 7, I have noticed a unusual behavior with groove~ and overdrive turned on. It looks like a small portion of the old buffer remains in the object when it's being switched to a new buffer and is being heard when a new event is generated. I'm attaching two sound files, one generated with Max 6.1, the other with Max 7.
    Also, when I execute the following sequence I can hear how the sound hangs for a fraction of a second, which shouldn't be the case with overdrive on. It seems the issues are related.
    1. Turn on Overdrive 2. Open the patch 03iMIDISampler.maxpat 3. On the right side, set output level to a non-zero value, start the sequence 4. During playback, successively open and close the sidebar Max console or any window for that matter
    I was wondering whether 1. someone else on this forum has similar issues with groove~ and 2. whether anyone can confirm my observation.