groove/waveform sample start/end mod

    Jul 27 2006 | 12:14 am
    There are a couple of things I'm stuck on right now and getting through them will be a breakthrough, I'm sure.
    The patch below is a groove/buffer/waveform combination with a pair of drunks modulating the sample start and end times. It's patched so that I can select any region of the waveform and the drunks will continue to modulate only with respect to that region rather than jumping to the beginning or end, etc.
    However, using a slightly modified version of the 'MIDI LFO' from another thread I started, which includes lp.scampi (from Litter Pro), I'm trying to modulate the start and end times independently (with two of these 'LFOs' -- only one is shown), but while setting the region as above and restricting the LFO to modulation only with respect to the selected region.
    Does that make sense? I hope the patch is clearer. I sort of understand how to use 'set' but it doesn't seem applicable, here, does it?

    • Jul 28 2006 | 1:11 pm
      You don't have to leave the drunks in there as they're for demonstration only. I simply want one modulator on the start time and one on the end time, with the ability to change the position and maintain the modulation depth/range. It would also be nice to be able to increase/decrease the depth of modulation. I'm still trying but I'm definitely stuck.
    • Aug 01 2006 | 4:59 pm
      I think I nailed it with the object. But, if anyone knows of another, easier, or different way to do this, I'd greatly appreciate some advice.
      If you have xsample~ and Litter Pro, please take a look, here: