Hacking a PS2 Guitar controller

    May 21 2010 | 2:54 am
    Anyone on here have some experience with this? I did something similar with the Rock Band drumset awhile back, but the details are a bit different. I got the guitar controller for cheap, would like to see if I can patch it up and make it do all kinds of things it was never intended to do :)
    Looked around the web quite a bit, but nothing seems to be that straightforward. If someone on here has some tidbits that would be great...or that "perfect link" that answers all my questions...

    • May 21 2010 | 9:57 am
      Does the controller connect to your computer as a HID (via usb), and then you could poll the [hi] object?
    • May 22 2010 | 12:33 pm
      Ah, I think I figured it out. Should only need a converter to hook the PS2 wireless receiver and send out USB, then apparently the OS will see it as a controller. Looks like many people do this to use PS2-style controllers for computer games, as the controllers are a lot better (according to some). Plus this would work for unusual ones like the dance mats or the DJ/scratch ones.
      One of many sites selling the adapter, which is under $10:
      Could be a nice addition to any Maxer's toolbox if they're into alternative controllers like these guitars or the electronic drumsets. I'm going to get one and see if it works... the wireless part of the guitar is especially interesting :)