hap / avf

    Jan 21 2015 | 12:27 am
    Hi forum, before using max7, i've read some news about it and i wondering about performance of avf ok, it doesn't read my favorite apple intermediate codec (fast rendering, no desctructive, not so much size on HD, etc..) - arf.
    So what is the best codec we have to use for video manipulation for now with this new avf ? Do we have to make some tests with H264 with 1 keyframe every frame VS Proress VS Hap VS AIC with old quicktime, or could someone brings the light ?
    Does avf is better than hap ? Specialy with big videos like 4000x2000 ? also, what about mixing hap and avf like i saw there ? : https://github.com/Vidvox/hap-in-avfoundation
    cheers, and happy new year !

    • Jan 21 2015 | 1:42 pm
      ok, after some tests with a rgb noise video in 4000x2000 : H264 : ugly HAP : makes larger files and rendering is longer (even if HAPQ wich is faster) PRORES : better than AIC (smaller size, almost same rendering time and efficient framerate) so OK, i move to prores codec
      anyway, i would like to keep my square pixels, even if i zoom in the plane. And here, there is a difference with @output_texture : with value 0 : no interpolation, i keep square pixels, but it displaying at 15/20 fps with value 1 : it make interpolations between pixels and display 60fps. jit.gl.hap with HAP codec displays like @output_texture 1
      So, is it possible to keep at the same time no interpolations and good framerate ?
    • Jan 21 2015 | 6:10 pm
      you can scale without interpolation by sending the output of jit.movie to a jit.gl.texture @filter none