hardware midi trouble (osx 10.8 with novation remote25)

    Aug 24 2012 | 11:35 am
    Hi all,
    i'm getting crazy dealing with midi problems.
    It seems I can't get any note or cc value into max from the above mentioned source (didn't try any other since I don't have them here) I installed the drivers and in the midiinfo I see the novation in the umenu, when selected on a [midiin] object however nothing comes through, the same with [ctlin] [notein] etc.
    When I start ableton the remote does get recognised and sends midi, I even tried to make a m4l devise just forwarding the midi via the iacbus to max, but that is'nt working either.
    Is it something that is a result of 10.8?
    Hope someone can shed some light