Harmonic regulator

    Dec 01 2013 | 4:22 pm
    No idea what to call this so.... Basically I've been working with whole number ratios for scales similar to just tuning but slightly more complex maths. As you know most natural sounds are complex waves composed of many different frequencies. I want to filter out the frequencies in a sound that do not bear a direct mathematical relationship to the fundamental frequency, each other or a frequency of my choosing. For example say a very simple sound roughly consists of 10 hz, 21 hz, 333, hz, 1000hz, 10,000hz 12,333hz - (with lots of fuzziness around these frequencies) - I would want to absolutely filter out all frequencies that are not multiples of 10 - ie 10, 1000, 10,000. In reality the sounds I would be using would be more complicated and I would keep much more frequencies - as long as they had a mathematical relationship to each other. I know I could do this with FTP and precisely control the bins (biquad filters wouldnt be accurate enough for my needs) - but I was wondering if there was already an object that did something like this ?

    • Dec 01 2013 | 4:30 pm
      Have you looked at [fffb~]. Could be just what you're after.