has anybody seen this: a polyphonic polyphonic granulator

    Feb 15 2013 | 12:08 pm
    I was searching but not finding.
    So I wonder how to approach this. I am imagining a granulator that gives several instances of control [for time, speed, duration, pitch, voices ...] to the same buffer. That is: to have several 'playheads' each one with its own parameters ...
    And before taking a deep look into [poly~], something I am being afraid of since the beginnings of my Max path, I just wanna make sure that this could be a way to go ... as granulation is using already a [poly~]. Or what are you suggestions on this?

    • Feb 15 2013 | 4:13 pm
      Hi do you mean like this:
      This is an old experiment of mine, a simplification of a generative granular playback engine by "MachineSleet":
      I think I no longer have this patch - I'll have a look - but the concept is pretty much as you describe: build a simple polyphonic granulator with a few voices, then just duplicate it with independent controls. MachineSleet's version is *way* more sophisticated, And sexier too.
      ...and don't you be ascared of poly~. He easy :)