[help] 2 voice poly patch

    Oct 24 2013 | 8:30 am
    Hi, I need some help for a problem I have. I am currently trying to make a poly Synth out of a Mono Synth by using the detune / octave shifting functions for the seconds oscillator. To do so, I need to restrict the voices (Note-In&-Outs) to 2 but in a speciall way:
    When notes come in, they should get passed through as long as the number ov voices is under 3. When you play a 3rd note, it should get stored and as soon as one of the first two notes gets "deleted", the 3rd note should get passed through.
    I know, this is pritty mouch the way, the poly object works. This is how i would do it:
    [poly 2] sends every overflow note to a zl.queue. When the number of voices drops, a note in the queue gets sendet to the input of [poly 2] again. The only problem is, that notes which are in the queue and got an note-off already should not get through.
    Can anybody help me with this? I had many problems making my patch yesterday and this mechanic would help me reduce the complexity of the other parts.
    Than you. :)

    • Oct 24 2013 | 8:44 pm
      Guess what? I found a solution. It is maybe not pretty stable (but I also couldn't get is to malfunction for know). Like i said above, it takes poly note events and reduces them two 2 voices with the [poly 2] object. The main difference is that the patch remembers what you wanted to play as 3rd, 4th note and plays them as soon as there is a voice "free". (Ofcurse only if there was no note-off event for the notes)