Mar 08 2006 | 1:21 pm
    i'm new to MAX, i'm trying to design something that will interpret colour information and give me data to work with - as sample triggers, MIDI etc. I've just installed Jitter and i get this message
    "The procedure entry point class_addtypedwrapper could not be located in the dynamic link library maxapi.dll"
    Max still loads but it won't play any movies. I think this might have something to do with my video card, please check my system spec.
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks
    Douglas Adams
    Shuttle XPC SN41G2
    Athlon XP 2800
    XP pro SP1
    512 MB Ram
    60GB hardrive (1 x BArracuda IV 40 GB 1 x Maxtor 20 GB)
    GEforce 4 128MB .....ON BOARD......
    Latest Direct X
    Quicktime Pro
    Max 4.5,
    Latest Jitter