Help Debugging New Project!

    Mar 09 2014 | 8:03 am
    Hello all,
    I've been working on a project for controlling 10 tracks of audio and using vector based amplitude panning for 5.1 speakers. As the project gains complexity, I'm running into "bogging down" issues.
    I tried enabling "overdrive" in the Max preferences, which works perfectly for refreshing the screen, but I notice now that the bang that should trigger playback of new audio files via sfplay~ just doesn't happen sometimes when "random tracks" is selected. If I disable overdrive, the refresh rate seems to slow to update moving, counting, etc. but the "random tracks" doesn't seem to miss anymore.
    I'd love it if some of the more advanced users out there could take a look at my project and make suggestions to fix these problems, but also in terms of better organization, more efficient coding, etc. Am I way off in the way I'm setting all this up?
    You can download the project files here:
    I think I got all the externals and such included, let me know if I missed anything. You must copy the "vibe_library" folder to your "packages" directory before you launch the main file vibe.maxpat. The space bar toggles full screen.
    Any and all suggestions and improvements welcome!!
    Thank you.