help me to get rid of 'softVNS'

    Sep 13 2010 | 10:40 am
    hello, users
    I downloaded 'softVNS' external set not knowing that they want money from you. It is crazy that it was not clearly mentioned on the website, well, but I don't have time to be pissed off, because I had removed all the 'softVNS' related files from my max path but still this very annoying
    file is created every time I launch max, and this fucking annoying "purchase this shit here it's a 30 day demo, contact that shit there...bla bla" message that is taking a half of my post window. 'sorry to be rude here, but a guy from FLOSS world like me, it's more than irritating.
    It is amazingly annoying to get this messages every time I launch max and IT IS UNBELIEVABLE that the whoever made this thing
    1. did not mentioned he wanted money clearly before download
    2. did not give any instructions to remove the stuff if people don't want.
    Please help me I'm going insane...
    thank you.
    P.S. I don't understand the logic of making money by selling 'externals' made from and made for max. do they have to give some percentage to cycling 74? is it working like that? do they have to give some percentage to Miller Puckette? do they have to give 50 cents every time they get help from the forum? I know that max isn't FLOSS software and I do not have any problem with it as I've purchased it, but still, making money on a huge collective efforts seems to be very strange and plus, install annoying files that is impossible to remove in max users' path (who was not able to clearly verify if it was commercial one) is EXTREMELY RUDE AND UGLY THINGS TO DO. no offense, just my shit thinking.

    • Sep 13 2010 | 10:57 am
      no, not just your thinking(and it is not shit), you're absolutely right, i've never seen a single 3rd party external i'd be willing to buy nor an app made in max but sometimes, people have to get paid and they try all different ways... Truth is, Max/MSP/Jitter is a commercial product stemming from the original free PD, so Max can inspire and attract many sell-outs(things like SuperCollider, PD, Chuck, and CSound nurture creative learning a bit more and with less of a communally defined ugly capitalistic ego; full open-source is a beautiful thing).
      you could try looking in your 'preferences' folder either found in the root's Library folder or in your User/Library folder(trash any preferences related to SoftVNS) or send the developer a nice email asking for help to uninstall completely.
      so sorry you're having to deal with this. SoftVNS is not even necessary anymore. anyways, hope you figure it out.
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    • Sep 13 2010 | 10:57 am
      You should contact David Rokeby, the creator of the software: drokeby [at] sympatico [dot] ca
      in my experience he's very helpful and obliging-- he'll probably get back to you fairly quickly T
    • Sep 13 2010 | 11:43 am
      thanks guys and 'sorry for the panic.
      the trick was the start up files in max path. it is not hidden, but usually no externals that I've installed so far made something there. (except "toolbox' external that is brilliant and has all the right in the universe to create anything in my max path) after removed the start up files, and removed also system preference files, it's finally gone.
      'sorry if my post seemed to be a bit disrespectful for mr.Rokeby who is certainly a good person and a hard working developer. But if you want to make commercial things, certain standard of services are also required. it's not like any hobby developers throwing in alpha version stuff in the forums, you know. it's just on that point I was maybe a bit upset. again, no personal attack or disrespect to the developer guy.
    • Oct 04 2010 | 5:10 am
      Geez Mate, Next time slow down and take a few deep breaths and have a bit of think before you post next time . . .
      He does mention on his site that it is a commercial product - as it has been for nearly 20 years Did YOU have a reasonable idea of what YOU where installing? Lucky your not on WinDoze . . .
      Your post was quite disrespectful - not only to Rokeby but also any number of developers - I do not think you really know just what would have gone in to deveoping his system, and just how advanced is was in it's prime.
      Certain standards also apply to general computing and forums, And yes there have been plenty of hobby-developed alphas thrown about over the years and unmaintained buggy objects.
      SoftVNS once set the standard and no doubt still has a lot of unique features to offer , though haven't looked in a while, so thanks for the reminder , I'll be checking it out shortly . . . Can take or leave the maxtoolbox , seriously it is hobby, beta-version quality by comparison to softVNS . . .
    • Oct 04 2010 | 7:09 pm
      he already explained, "sorry for the panic... it's just on that point I was maybe a bit upset. again, no personal attack or disrespect to the developer guy."
      so it seems Macciza, you could use a little taste of your own medicine and follow your own advice: "Next time slow down and take a few deep breaths and have a bit of think before you post next time . . ."
      at the end of it all, developers are just people, not gods, disrespect and respect is all a relative matter of who wants to kiss ass and who doesn't. every technology has a flaw because it's made by humans. no one is 'owed' or 'entitled' to anything including respect! Let's leave the Bush/Clinton administration 'entitlement'-mindset to waste in the white-trash anals of American history forever, eh? (excuse me but when i signed up for these new forums there were no terms/conditions that delineated what could be posted and what could not be so legally according to web-law, this means I'm allowed to go off and so is anyone else in any way they'd like(as long as it poses no threat to do physical harm towards others). until cycling74 posts new conditions and then has everyone agree to them the next time they log in, it would be illegal for them to enforce any terms/conditions of their own about posting, this doesn't mean they can't try, but that has more to do with their ownership of this webspace not anything to do with what we are obliged to do as participants until said terms/conditions exist in a place where we can read them publicly and also register our agreement with them as a requirement for participation) FUCK YOUR IDOLS, HEROES, AND AUTHORITY.
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