help needed with multiple audio input and outputs in max

    Apr 08 2006 | 8:20 am
    hi there, i'm currently building an installation for my degree show in which i'm using contact microphones as a form of sensor with max/msp. i have 6 microphones in the space and want to correlate those to 6 seperate speakers. i have tried using the digidesign digi001 box from protools but for some reason their is a problem setting the input output settings. if i could get max to recognise this i could get this to work. the digibox works well with bidule. but to be honest i'm only a beginner at this and i could do with some advice. does anyone know if
    1--the digi001 box can be used with max/msp and if so how can i get it to recognise it?
    2--whether there is any other way of getting 6 inputs to 6 outputs?