help on reducing patcher loading time

    Mar 05 2014 | 3:08 pm
    are there references or guidelines concerning objects/calculations on start-up as to which ones take how much time to load?
    My patch contains several values which need to be updated on start-up, some in certain order which is why I use send/receive paths to sequentially initialize them (something I am unhappy about), it contains abstractions which contain multiple identical bpatchers (embedded) which need to receive values to separate them from one another as well as pattr objects and pattrstorage objects subscribed to  different clients in both bpatchers and the parent patch. The manual subscription to clients does not wokr in this patch (anymore it seems), after purging and resubscribing all pattrstorages they are still subscribed to masses of clients and even share them albeit inactively.
    The patch takes years to load and save and crashes every now and again this makes it hard to modify and test the message ordering and processes. I have interrupted the initialization with gates, embedded the bpatchers and stored their criteria in the patch, removed some pattr objects and still the patch takes ages to load in Live.
    which process takes the most time to load?
    — pattr update?
    — pattrstorage updates?
    — loading abstractions with embedded bpatchers?
    I would really appreciate any little help that can be given as for I am on the brink of putting it all aside if it cannot be solved.
    than you so much!