Help! This is STILL happening!

    Mar 30 2011 | 3:41 am
    Perhaps the community out there can help me. Please! I hope this has not happened to anyone else.
    Prelims before silly questions start coming: I am an avid max user for many years, since it was on floppies I am newer to live (about a year), but I can get around it pretty well. I have reinstalled I have deleted all of my preferences (several times)
    Problem Any Max for Live device that requires Live to talk to Max objects with audio rate fail in Live. But... the crazy part, they ALWAYS work in Max with Preview mode on! Always. So I can't find the problem.
    Buffer Shuffler works only if I delete the mixer in the Max for Live device... not even the default Live Set works! NOTE: This is bypassing the panning buffer.. is it a buffer thing?
    Max Api Ctrl1LFO (yes the brand new one) only works in preview as well... NOTE: None of the new API 02 Modifiers work in Live... but again, as soon as I open them in Max Preview... they work!
    Please... I can't take this anymore... This has been going on for months...

    • Mar 31 2011 | 1:34 am
      Let me get this right; your problem is that whenever you pull in Buffer Shuffler onto a track which produces audio that the audio stops ?
      Have you tried pressing the global play button in Live ? Buffer shuffler depends on the global transport to be active before it can actually do something, is it possible that your problem is linked to this ?
      Another issue to determine any caveats: what happens if you simply pull in the "Max audio effect" device onto a track? (I mean the template; the one which only connects plugin~ to plugout~).
      If the sound continues to play with that then I'm wondering if your issues couldn't be caused by the devices you're trying to use itself.
      Hope this gives you some ideas.