Help tweaking Max 1-note trigger step sequencer

    Jun 11 2013 | 4:57 pm
    So basically I'm new to Max. I found this step sequencer that advances to the next note on each step triggered by a MIDI CC channel, for example a drum pad or a single key on a MIDI keyboard. This functionality works great as long as you map the "Step" button to a MIDI CC channel in Ableton. Surprisingly this functionality is not built into Ableton but thank god I found this code.
    I've tweaked it a little to take any MIDI input coming into it from Ableton to step advance but the part that is proving difficult is how to get the effect to store sequences along with a live set. I looked into pattr and pattrstor but the connections are baffling me.
    I tried using just 1 pattr and connecting its middle output to the input of the multslider list on the lower left of the slider box but no luck. The MIDI effect sequence resets every time I load a saved set. I even enabled "parameter mode" on the pattr object. Again I don't need a fancy preset storage and loading, just a way to save sequences I made in the MIDI effect along with an Ableton Live Set.
    I would appreciate any direction or help!