Help, Updating Preset Object after copying presets on Pattrstorage.

    Oct 16 2016 | 12:14 pm
    Which is the proper method to update the Preset object after a "copy" message was sent to the Pattrstorage object, so the Preset object's Slots does reflect the action just made?
    For example if I copy Slot 1 to Slot 5 (copy 1 5) I can even see Slot 5's name while mouse overing Slot 5 on the Preset object , but the Slot color indicates an "empty" slot.
    I found that changing the Preset object's script name to anything else then back to the actual Pattrsorage name updates Presets Slots correctly, is this the proper way? Is there something better than unlink and relink the Preset object to the Pattrstorage object?
    Thanks, Gustavo