Help with clipping in a Max for Live patch?

    May 20 2011 | 4:00 am
    I'm currently working with a patch that's taking midi note information from Ableton and using it to bang a coll of radically different frequencies in the rhythm of the song as it plays out in Live. I've added dummy notes inbetween notes in Ableton to program silences in the max patch, but I've run into a problem with all of the notes clipping at the end when the frequencies transition to zero. I'm uncertain how to make sure that each note ends smoothly with no distortion. Does anyone know what I can do here? I've attached both the patch and the tutorial patch I was trying to apply to it to remedy the clipping, but there's still something very wrong in the timing of the envelope or the order that things are happening in. I'm new to this and am sure it's very simple for someone advanced. I'd love any assistance or fixes as I'm on a tight deadline and the current clipping is destroying my equipment!
    Thanks so much.