help with rewire and MIDI recording - completely stuck

    Jun 18 2011 | 10:40 pm
    Hey all,
    I have 2 questions about my attatched patch that takes data drom 2D cellular automata and uses the kslider and other objects to play notes with the values (using pgmout and noteout objcets)
    I am stuck on the best way to 'record' the data generated (a)MIDI and (b)Audio
    Ideally I need a way to record all sounds generated in the patch. Previous posts have led to me being given advice on the 'seq' object to record MIDI data and also the idea of plugging the soundcard output back into its input. I have been trying to work this out for around a month so have got to ask some more questions
    1. How can I record 'just' a MIDI file to load in another program (ie Cubase) - I have had some succes using the seq object but I need just a way of recording the piano roll friendly note on/off events so I can run them through a VST (Massive, Nexus etc). I managed to save a 'MIDI file' using the write message, but it seems to only record one set of events (if I keep writing new files or overwriting existing files it is always the same MIDI file
    2. How can I set up my sounds card to feed the output into the input? I understand the principle and that it will technically record the (audio born from the) MIDI (as there is no MIDIrecord~ object).
    (A workaround??) I have tried to use the rewire object to load the max patch in Cubase but again cannot get my head round why this wont work. If I can rewire the outputs of the patch to MIDI tracks in Cubase I can bus the output to an audio track for recording (solution for question 2) and I could use Cubase to load a MIDI file (if I could save it properly
    I have looked at the rewire help file for AGES and tried everything I can think of so at this point any help or advice would be spectacular as I am well and truly stumped