Help with where to start - Theremin

    Oct 19 2012 | 7:18 am
    Hi all!
    I'm currently in my fourth year of film studies at the University of New Mexico and am currently involved in an independent study course in which I'm helping my instructor use a theremin as a AV controller. I've managed to track down this article: I'm reaching out to the community here for help. I've managed to use an external sound recorder to input the theremin. I can successfully load an adc~ object and attach meters and see a signal. What I want to do is map amplitude and pitch to different properties in a video (ie speed and brightness). What would be the easiest way of going about this? Is it possible with the Vizzie modules?

    • Oct 19 2012 | 9:44 am
      If i'm understanding this correctly, you want to analyze the sound of the theremin, get volume and pitch data out of it and use that to control videoparameters? To me, this sounds like one step too many: you're converting movement-data into sound (in the theremin), and want to get back to the movement-data again in max msp.
      Even though a theremin-sound would be one of the best sounds to analyze for frequency, it's still a technique that i wouldn't use in this case. You're losing accuracy, while you have an extremely accurate sensor (the theremin). I'd go for a cv-to-midi convertor, and use the direct voltages from the theremin (my theremin had an output for that) for conversion into midi and control whatever you want.
    • Oct 19 2012 | 3:47 pm
      I agree with Pvdn
      While it's might be conceptually interesting to analyze sound frequencies, it is far from direct connection to hand gestures and data output. Theremin is basically Air Variable Capacitor, the output is variable voltage.
      There are three ways you can go about it. Arduino, Raspberry, Mbed, etc + Self Made Air Capacitor (The board of your choice will output the data on voltage coming out of theremin) - A lot of Programming and fun, annoying ICUBEX + Reach 4.0 - no internal programing but will cost you $150 and some programing in Max (
      Should become their spoke-person :)
      I have just started to work with my Theremin based on the second choice. Really happy with it, the output I use is raw integer that represents voltage, works grate for my Kinetic Sculptures and video installations. Programing outside of MAX is 0 -
      Let me know if I can help
    • Oct 19 2012 | 3:48 pm
      Oh the 3rd way
      MidiTron+Selfmade Air Capacitor, really fun as well :)