Hhint RE @clocksource rewire attribute in [transport]

    Apr 21 2013 | 8:06 pm
    This may not be a bug but here's something to keep in mind for those seeking to ReWire [transport} to other applications.
    >>@clocksource does not automatically set [transport] to rewire unless [transport] is also given an @name attribute<<
    Me: Logic 64bit Max 6.1.2 64bit OSx 10.6.+
    To test make sure Logic recognizes Max6 as a ReWire client, is open with a session loaded, then open this:
    To set the driver to ad_rewire and enable audio in Max.
    Then open this:
    To see how Max deals with named vs unnamed [transport] objects. For me the named transport opens in rewire mode, the unnamed transport sticks to internal.