Hi and Windows

    Mar 30 2006 | 5:34 pm
    It seems that the Hi objet doesn't work with mice and keyboards and my windows XP... Ben Nevil told me that this object doesn"t work on this OS. But e--j on the idecibel.com french forum told me (without any explanations) that the hi objet work on this computeur, even with a mac keyboard.
    please help...

    • Mar 30 2006 | 6:48 pm
      sorry... i ve just receive an answer from e--j... it apears that it was an oversight.. the hi object doesnt work on windows.. i have to do with it...
    • Mar 31 2006 | 12:52 am
      It will work for joysticks on windows but for some sad reason does not work for the keyboard and mice...
    • Mar 31 2006 | 6:52 am
      What is [hi] supposed to do ? I've tested it for the record with a joystick, but i don't use it. I assume it's about handling Human Interface devices ?! It should not be so hard to write a working C object for win, using the win32 api... I've tested some bindings with it in Java or Python and it works great. A C one will be better, for sure, but my C knowledge (as my time) is still limited. If he finds time for, i'm sure it's a job for jasch !
    • Apr 03 2006 | 11:19 am
      The Hi object works on Xp with a joystick but only 1 joystick. I wrote to C74 team several emails to ask for upgrade the hi object, so that it could handle more than 1 joystick and the last reply from Ben Neville was:
      "" If you are using the most up-to-date version of the hi object, then the Windows code and the Macintosh code are identical in how they handle duplicate names. What that means is that if only one device is showing up in Max on Windows, the operating system is only communicating the existence of a single device to the hi object. Sorry for the bad news. If you can find a piece of Windows software that will communicate with two of the same joysticks at the same time then I will investigate further. ""
      Since Max is meant to handle real time processing, such a feature that would be great step forward, to plug whatever weird USB device into Max... (and there are so many of them!)
      AFAIK, every joystick show up in the windows setting panel but they have the same name though i guess they must have a unique "CLSID" or "UIID" or whatever "ID" somewhere (but I don't know much about win32 programming style)
      Can any windows guru help providing the needed piece of software mentionned by Ben to the C74 team?
      A fix has been made for the Mac version of hi, which can now handle up to 1024 devices (though I tested only with 20 of them), while it used to managed only 16 before.
      Also, for windows Hi users, note that the parameters codes are not the same as Mac's and the value are not always contigous: there might be a bit shift that make values go 0 128 256 384 ... etc. For a multiplatform version of a patch, these changes can be handled by sending the whereami message ";max getsystem WhateverName". Scale/bitshift/reroute the values accoding to the "macintosh" or "windows" answer received by a "receive WaheteverName" object.
      Another question left about this: will the intel mac bring the Mac benefits or the Win problems? mmm... OK, this may be [OT] for now... ;-)
      Any help or advice is welcome on the windows Hi issue!!...
    • Apr 03 2006 | 2:45 pm
      Hello, a workaround is to use 3rd party joystick external, you'll surely be able to find it through excellent www.maxobjects.com This worked for me, I had two different controllers, both genius, and hi couldn't see them both. But Hi+Joystick worked fine, if I remember correctly...
      Best, nesa
      ps. sorry for typos, for some reason, after reinstalling xp, I lost spell checking option in e-mail.